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医療統計ソフト グラフパッドプリズム7

医療統計ソフトGraphPad Prism(グラフパッドプリズム)は、2016年4月4日にGraphPad Prism7がリリースされました。GraphPad Prism7より1つのライセンスでWindows・Mac の両方に対応するようになりました。

GraphPad Prism7の詳細はこちらから

GraphPad Prism7

GraphPad Prism7日本語アドオン

GraphPad Prismのライセンスについて


GraphPad Software Inc.

GraphPad Software

GraphPad Software社は、カリフォルニア大学薬理学部の准教授だったDr. Harvey Motulsky氏によって1984年に創立されました。設立以来、研究者の視点からソフトウェア開発を行い、直感的に操作できるプログラムを世界中の研究者に提供しています。

GraphPad Software, Inc.
7825 Fay Avenue, Suite 230, La Jolla, CA 92037 USA

URL: www.graphpad.com

GraphPad Prism開発者紹介


Dr. Harvey Motulsky

GraphPad Software社は当時、カリフォルニア大学薬理学部の准教授だったDr. Harvey Motulsky氏によって1984年に創立されました。著書である"Intuitive Biostatistics"にもみられる薬理学と生物統計学への造詣の深さが、GraphPad Prismの開発に反映されています。


ntuitive Biostatistics

Intuitive Biostatistics

Oxford University Pressより出版されている"Intuitive Biostatistics "では、データの提示から解析結果の解釈まで、豊富な例を用いて一般的に利用される解析手法の大部分がわかりやすく解説されています。豊富な例示で、日常遭遇する解析手法をほぼ網羅したテキストとなっています。 日本語訳として「数学いらずの医科統計学」(訳者:津崎晃一)が出版されています。


グラフパッドプリズム ユーザー紹介

GraphPad Prismは1984年の発売以来、世界11ヶ国20万人以上の研究者や学生の皆様に利用されています。Prismによる解析結果およびグラフは、医薬関連ジャーナルに投稿される論文だけでなく、国内外の医薬品の特許出願明細書などに数多く用いられています。


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Journal of Trauma Management & Outcomes Volume 6 | 6 August 2012
Late decompressive craniectomyafter traumatic brain injury: neurological outcome at 6 months after ICU discharge - "GraphPad Prism 5 (GraphPad Software Inc., San Diego, CA) was used for statistical analysis. Continuous variables were analyzed with Kruskal-Wallis test and Dunn's multiple comparison test post hoc ."詳細
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Malaria impairs resistance to Salmonella through heme- and heme oxygenase dependent dysfunctional granulocyte mobilization - "Statistical analyses: We performed statistical analysis using GraphPad Prism 5 software. We used an alpha value of 0.05 for all preplanned statistical analyses. We used the log-rank Mantel Cox test for survival analysis." 詳細
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Effective Targeting of Hedgehog Signaling in a Medulloblastoma Model with PF-5274857, a Potent and Selective Smoothened Antagonist That Penetrates the Blood–Brain Barrier - "The curves represent the best fit of data to 4-parameter sigmoidal dose–response equation (Prism, GraphPad)."詳細
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Anti-Aβ Drug Screening Platform Using Human iPS Cell-Derived Neurons for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease - "All data were expressed as mean ± SD. Comparisons of mean among more than three groups were done by one-way or two-way ANOVA, followed by post-hoc test (PRISM, GraphPad software). P values ≤0.05 indicated significant differences ."詳細
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Knockdown of USP18 Increases Alpha 2a Interferon Signaling and Induction of Interferon-Stimulating Genes but Does Not Increase Antiviral Activity in Huh7 Cells - "Nonlinear regression analysis was used to calculate 50% effective concentrations (EC50s) from each dose-response curve using GraphPad Prism software (version 5.01)."詳細
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Interaction of a traditional Chinese Medicine (PHY906) and CPT-11 on the inflammatory process in the tumor microenvironment - "Final result is presented as relative expression of the gene relative copy number compared to the mean of the same gene in PBS control group. Results calculated using Excel and graphed in GraphPad Prism."詳細
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The Association of MicroRNA Expression with Prognosis and Progression in Early-Stage, Non–Small Cell Lung Adenocarcinoma: A Retrospective Analysis of Three Cohorts - "Expression graphs were used to analyze differences in microRNA expression between cancer tissues and adjacent noncancerous tissues for all qRT-PCR data using Graphpad Prism v5.0 (Graphpad Software, Inc.) Kaplan-Meier analysis was performed using Graphpad Prism v5.0."詳細
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Molecular Basis for Vulnerability to Mitochondrial and Oxidative Stress in a Neuroendocrine CRI-G1 Cell Line - "Data were analyzed with GraphPad Prism statistical software using two-way ANOVA followed by ad-hoc Bonferroni post-test.."詳細
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パニツムマブ(ベクティビックス®点滴静注100 mg)の薬理学的特徴および臨床試験成績 -「図2 EGFのA431細胞への結合に対する阻害(社内資料より)結合125I-EGFの平均パーセント/抗体濃度について. Prismソフトウェアで4つのパラメータを持つロジスティック関数を用いて.」詳細
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Identification of select glucocorticoids as Smoothened agonists: Potential utility for regenerative medicine - "The data were analyzed by nonlinear regression and fit to a sigmoid dose–response using GraphPad Prism (GraphPad Software, Inc.)." "The displacement data of the remaining compounds were analyzed by fitting to a one-site competition curve using GraphPad Prism (GraphPad Software, Inc.). Data were acquired in triplicate from three independent experiments and are presented as the mean ± SEM."詳細
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Transient Tumor-Fibroblast Interactions Increase Tumor Cell Malignancy by a TGF-β Mediated Mechanism in a Mouse Xenograft Model of Breast Cancer - "Ratios of membrane and cytoplasmic signal were analyzed for statistical significance using GraphPad Prism (Kruskal-Wallis test/Dunn's Multiple Comparison Test, p = 0.0052)." " Ratios of nuclear and cytoplasmic signal intensities were analyzed for statistical significance using GraphPad Prism (ANOVA/Dunnett's Multiple Comparison Test, p<0.0001, n = number of cells analyzed)."詳細
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RUNX1/AML1 DNA-binding domain and ETO/MTG8 NHR2-dimerization domain are critical to AML1-ETO9a leukemogenesis - "The Kaplan-Meier survival curve and statistic analyses were performed using GraphPad Prism4 software (GraphPad Software, San Diego, CA)."詳細
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Clinical and Vaccine Immunology June 2008 vol. 15 no. 6 1012-1018
A novel assay to identify entry inhibitors that block binding of HIV-1 gp120 to CCR5E corresponds to the absorbance in experimental group where the test compounds were added before addition of FLSC. EC50 (the concentration for 50% inhibition) values were calculated using the GraphPad Prism software (GraphPad Software Inc., San Diego, CA). "詳細
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